Editor: Prichard Smith

Executive Producers: Julian Hobbs, Mike Stiller

Production Company: Talos Films

Broadcast: History Channel

Awards: Best Documentary Series – Cynopsis Awards 2018.

Inside ‘America’s War on Drugs’ – how a four-part TV docuseries exposes the links between the CIA, DEA and U.S. military on our nation’s drug policy.

Unearthing dizzying links in the global drug trade is the driving force behind the eight-hour, four-night event,which premieres this Sunday, June 18th. Using historic footage, dramatic re-enactments and interviews with a cast of fascinating characters – including former CIA and DEA agents, drug traffickers and gang members – the series makes the case that the drug trade has always been entwined in America’s military adventures: all the way from the CIA’s secret experiment with LSDin the early Cold War, to opium production in Afghanistan during the War on Terror.

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